Welcome to Strathmore Estates

Strathmore Estates is situated in the beautiful rolling landscape of the Vale of Strathmore in Angus. It has been home to the Strathmore family since 1372, when Sir John Lyon was granted the Thaneage of Glamis by King Robert II. Glamis castle and village are at the centre of this traditional rural estate, which focuses on the development and support of the rural community.

The estate has changed over many centuries and today comprises a wide variety of properties and business and leisure activities. The policy has always been to maintain and restore the traditional parts of the estate whilst supporting and encouraging the rural community to ensure as many people as possible are able to have jobs and live on the estate.

The estate is split into various ownerships but managed as a whole from the estates office in Glamis. It incorporates a number of different departments, including forestry operations with a commercial sawmill, field sports, residential lettings, commercial properties and let farms. At its heart, the estate is fortunate enough to have a large tourism operation centred on Glamis Castle, with over one hundred thousand visitors each year. The Strathmore Farming Co handles the in-hand farming operation on the estate, covering arable, beef and pig enterprises.

The Estate is continually developing and has a number of exciting plans, so please visit the website regularly. 

The Estate currently has a number of residential properties to let.