Nature conservation is a key concern on Strathmore Estates and all management is sympathetic to the natural environment. The estate contributes towards the outcomes of the UK Biodiversity Action Plan and many of the Local Biodiversity Action Plans. There a number of projects and initiatives that the estate is involved in that have met these outcomes.

Red Squirrel Conservation
The estate has an existing population of red squirrels that appear to have maintained their numbers over the past few years partly due to the considerate felling and replanting of Scots Pine to ensure their habitat continues and also the active grey squirrel control that is carried out. However, despite our efforts, increasing numbers of greys are encroaching onto the estate and this has called for a more wide scale control programme. With the help of SRDP funding, the estate now has a formal trapping regime conducted by our experienced gamekeepers. It has been set up with the help and support of Ken Neill of Saving Scotland’s Red Squirrels (SSRS). The new regime is proving very effective and will hopefully contribute towards limiting the northward migration of grey squirrels into more sensitive parts of the landscape.

Grey Partridge Survey
Strathmore Estate has been a member of the Game and Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) for many years and actively supports the research they carry out, especially concerning the survey of songbirds. We have recently become involved with the GWCT Grey Partridge Survey after identifying a breeding population of grey partridge in an area of the estate. The area is the most northerly involved in the scheme and the aim is to encourage others in the area to become involved too. Now the grey partridge have been identified, new areas of wild bird seed mixture will be planted in the spring to help support them. These mixes will also benefit a huge range of other species, in particular the corn bunting.