The Woodlands

The woodland on the estate extends to approximately 1780 acres (720 ha), ranging in size from 1 acre (0.4 ha) to over 300 acres (121 ha). The woods are used for commercial and amenity purposes and consist of four key areas being Balgownie Muir, Crams Hill, Hunters Hill and the Castle Policies.

Hunters Hill has been in continuous forestry for at least four centuries and many of the large Douglas Fir and European Larch planted in the 1890’s are retained purely for their majestic size and amenity value. The commercial timber is predominantly good quality larch which was planted in the 1950’s.

Conifer timber produced from the woodlands is primarily converted in our sawmill for fencing or joinery products or sold to Angus Biofuels for chipping to supply woodfuel boilers in local schools. Good quality hardwoods are sold to timber merchants with lower grade timber sold locally as firewood.

The estate has had a long term commitment to produce income from timber sales whilst continuing to improve the landscape and conservation value from the woodlands. Parts of the woodlands were included in the ‘Inventory of Gardens and Designed Landscapes in Scotland (1987)’, in which they obtained an outstanding rating in five of the six assessed categories.