The Estate

The Strathmore Estate lies nestled at the heart of the Vale of Strathmore in Angus, Scotland and has been in the Lyon family since 1372, when Sir John Lyon was granted the Thaneage of Glamis by King Robert II.

Set around the world famous Glamis Castle are 14,000 acres of  rolling landscape of mixed agriculture, woodland and parkland.

Glamis castle and village are at the centre of this traditional rural estate, which focuses on the development and support of the rural community.The Estate is a vitally important part of the Angus economy, creating employment and contributing to a rich and diverse environment.

Strathmore is very much a working 21st century estate with farming,  forestry and field sports sitting comfortably beside a 5 star tourist attraction. Sustainability is central to all our activities, reflected in our green tourism awards and our recent renewable energy projects.